Handmade Leather Watch Straps | Black Leather Watch Band
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We are specialist of watchband handmade leather straps. Our straps were designed and crafted in THAILAND. We accept customized handmade leather straps around the world.We ship worldwide. We provide the varieties of watchband handmade leather straps such as AMMO Straps, Crazy Horse Handmade Leather Straps, Vegetable Tanned Handmade Leather Straps, Italian Handmade Leather Straps, Alligator Handmade Straps. All of our products are produced by specialist craftsman. OVERWRIST straps are premium grade we imported the leathers across the world such as Italy, United States, Switzerland. Our craftsman has experiences more than 10 years for each type of leather straps. Our handmade leather strap is perfect matching with all kind of watches such as diver, pilot, classic, vintage-or-panerai styles. we have a large group of customers in Asia who love watches such as Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Seiko, IWC, Apple Watch and etc. We want to deliver the best quality straps to watches lovers with competitive price.

Handmade Leather Strap

Vintage Swiss Ammo Straps (4mm Thickness)

Crazy Horse Handmade Leather Strap (5mm Thickness)

Vegetable Tanned Handmade Leather Strap (5mm Thickness)

Italian Handmade Leather Strap (3mm Thickness)

Verona Leather Strap(3mm Thickness)

Siamese Alligator Strap

Apple Watch Strap

Leather Watches Pouch