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Product Name : Handmade Leather Strap Midnight Blue
Product code : A000000013
Latest Update : 13/7/2561

Our craftsman proudly present crazy horse handmade leather strap. Crazy horse leather, also known as saddle leather, is made by applying a special kind of wax to the already smooth full grain leather surface. Crazy horse leather strap is strong and very soft and durable. The leather surface is unique by giving it a little bit of friction and scratches that can make minor change to the shading and appearance of the materials. This gives it a uniquely rustic, vintage look that will become beautiful over time.

Crazy horse leather does not mean that the leather came from horses. Actually crazy horse leather is made from calf skin. These leather has been treated to look and feel aged while retaining its ruggedness and toughness. They are usually used to make horse saddles and hence the name "Crazy Horse."

  • The Leather is imported from Italy. Made from Top Grade Calf Skin.
  • The leather is super soft and durable.
  • Can absorb water 40%, can bear sun light, low temperature, rain, even fire.
  • Recoverability when fold, roll up or bend the straps will recover itself to the same shape within 2 hours.
  • The length of longer piece is 13cm. The length of shorter piece is 7cm.
  • 5mm Thickness.
  • Vintage Hand Coloring Techniques by top craftsman in Thailand.
  • 100% handmade for every process of craftsmanship.
  • Highly Recommend for Vintage and Diver Watches such as, Panerai, Rolex Submariner,Tudor Blackbay, Tudor Pelagos, Omega Speedmaster, Omega Seamaster, Seiko Sumo, Seiko Monster, Seiko MM300, Seiko Tuna and Baby Tuna, Seiko Shogun, Seiko Samurai, Seiko SKX007