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Product Name : Vintage Swiss Ammo Strap
Product code : A000000043
Latest Update : 22/7/2561

OVERWRIST VINTAGE SWISS AMMO WATCH STRAP is made from Ammo Pouch which were produced during 1940-1970. Ammo Pouch were used for containing the bullets of gun during World War II in 1939-1945. Ammo Pouch have been produced and used in many countries. The name of ammo pouch will be named by the country of origin such as Swiss Ammo, French Ammo, Swedish Ammo.

            Our craftsman proudly present OVERWRIST VINTAGE SWISS AMMO WATCH STRAP. The straps were crafted by ammo leather specialist who has experiences more than 10 years of handmade ammo straps. We chose the best parts of ammo pouch to deliver the best ammo straps into this world. The design is clean and unique. 100% of Human handmade for every process of productions. No machine. Our ammo straps have the properties as the following:

-Lifetime guarantee. They will last a lifetime even through the toughest conditions.

-Made of Swiss Ammo Pouch from Switzerland

-We designed and produced handmade buckle which made from stainless steel 304L

-The length of longer piece is 12cm, The length of shorter piece is 7.5cm

-4mm thickness

-Highly recommend for Panerai, Rolex, Omega, Diver and Vintage Watches